WYSIWYG Editor like in Dreamweaver

What do you want to achieve?

I would like to be able to write/ LVGL code myself in an editor field similar to HTML editors like Dreamweaver and see directly how this would look like in SLS.

I understand that this is a very failure-prone request.

It’d be really great but the main problem is that you need to write the UI logic in MicroPython and not C.

I would be satisfied, if I could only edit the UI logic in MicroPhyton. So we could use it like the simulator from LVGL? LVGL/MicroPython Simulator

Actually, if you add at least one “Call function” event action to a widget and hit the “Play” button, a <project_name>_events.py file will be added to the project folder. There you can add any custom logic.

We haven’t used it much recently, so let me know how it worked if you tried it out :slight_smile:

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