WYSIWYG improvements

In my opinion the WYSIWYG experience can be improved.

First thing I noticed is that the default settings are not reflected in the actual properties of the elements.
In fact, all properties are empty. As an example: the default colour of a button is light blue, but the background colour properties are all empty. This confusing and moreover, for a beginner like me it is difficult to spot where all colours and settings actually come from.
So I would like to propose that the actual colours and settings are reflected in the properties of the elements.

Related to this: what is displayed in SquareLine Studio is not always what is actually shown in the embedded hardware. For example: text on a button is shown in white (with the default settings), but is black in the actual application. Only after setting the colour explicitly to white in SquareLine Studio this is reflected correctly in the hardware.
In my opinion, if the first improvement is made, this will also be resolved automatically.

Anyway: keep up the good work!

Hmm, interesting idea. But I don’t understand the problem. If you enable e.g. the background color probably you want to change it. So why does the initial value matter once you will change it anyway?

The default colors are coming from a theme of LVGL and you can overwrite these in SLS.

It seemed to work well so far but can you attach an SLS project to reproduce it?