Export of Smartwatch 2 example from Squareline v2, with support for LVGL 9.1

Given the release date of v2 is unclear (see my other post here: SquareLine Studio v2), would it be possible to provide an export of the Smartwatch 2 example, from pre-release Squareline v2 working under LVGL 9.1?

This would be to support evaluation work being carried out by my company.

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If things will go fine, this week your LVGL-9.1 related problem will be solved.

Thanks @Hermit

Fingers crossed for this, but if things get pushed again, would this be an option?

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You’ll get the best option in several days, i.e. modifying/exporting it for yourself right from SquareLine Studio.

Is everything going well this week?
I would like to understand whether it is worth implementing the project on LVGL 8 or starting using LVGL 9.


Sorry, we have a little bit of delay, LVGL-9.1 brought in many issues to solve. It’s likely to happen on Monday.

Today or not today :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Today we’ve improved a lot, it will be tomorrow… you know, ‘releases’… :slight_smile:

Today is a good day :saluting_face:

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, …”

Not today, my friend :wink: check it out

Yes, the release supporting LVGL 9.1 is out. I hope it’s still in time for chrismapp to decide if LVGL8 or the more experimental 9.1 is to be preferred for his project.

@Hermit I was quite surprised that this was a patch release. I had expected a v2 release. Is there any news on the v2 release?

I can say the same about that as I said in the relevant v2 topic: There will be some more info about v2’s roadmap soon from the management. A lot of situations changed due to LVGL-related changes, but as you can see we already support the latest LVGL in SquareLine Studio. There was a big amount of work put into it to support LVGL-9.1 with all its changes and experimental functions, so it’s a bit more than a ‘patch’. Of course SquareLine Studio’s next incarnation will reach even further.

I had assumed that you use semantic versioning:


1.4.0 → 1.4.1 would therefore be a patch release.

Is this not the case?

I had not meant to say it was not a lot of work, just that all communications had been in terms of a Squareline v2 update adding the LVGL 9.1 support.

I can understand that in this context you assumed it to be a new SquareLine Studio. It seems in the versioning scheme we don’t follow those exact semantic rules that LVGL tries to follow, or that it signifies that there was no change in the previous operation (API-change so-to-speak), just additions, even if they were significant. It’s true the last version number makes one think there are not many additions.