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I recently started my project for a graphical interface, I am using a 5-inch screen with the ST7226 800x480 pixels driver, with the perfect design in SquareLine Studio and the touch screen works very well for me, the problem I have is that when I The program generates the files for the Arduino IDE, for example, the template that I designed in Adobe Illustrator makes it super heavy, more than 3 MB, despite the fact that the asset file only weighs 150KB and I don’t have enough flash memory at the same time. Now that the image is generated in .C file, I know that this happens because of the size of the image that I am designing, the size of the 800x480 screen… Now my question is, is there a way to put all the .png images? in the SD and when the library needs them incorporates them? this in order to save as much space as possible in the interda memory of my esp32 s3

What have you tried so far?

I have successfully initialized my SD but this is where I get lost, since I am a newbie and I still have a lot to learn. I don’t know how to handle these images and relate them when my interface needs them.

I hope you can help me and guide me in the best way to solve my problem. Thanks in advance.

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I hope I’m wrong but I cant see a way to accomplish this. Square line needs to compile everything together, and to my knowledge you cant specify an SD card as the target. It would be great if you could. You can reduce your image size/quality and don’t forget to change your partition scheme to maximum app. For example the Seeed Xiao ESP32-S3 partition scheme to maximum app gives 8MB for program space.

Read JPG decoder — LVGL documentation

Hi. Having the same problem…Pictures on an sd-card as wallpaper for my project

We need a new “image asset editor” to add more config on each image asset. I wrote moee about it here.