Sunton ESP32 5.0" RGB display board

I have attached a board I made for Squareline Studio for the Sunton ESP32_8048S050C board. This is the 5.0" display with capacitive touch. It uses ESP-IDF >= 5.0.4 and LVGL 8.3.x There is no lv_conf.h included so that will need to be added to the exported code. Be sure to enable the user data in the lv_conf.h file.

This should also work for other Sunton displays, you might have to change the pin numbers located at the top of the main.c file. This uses the rgb panel API that is in the esp_lcd component (149.9 KB)

Thank you @kgschlosser for the board-template, we appreciate your effort sharing it here. We hope the MCU-tweaker community will benefit from this. It would be nice to have a for the users in the file’s __ui_project_name__ folder.