V1.3.4 is released!

Hi guys,

We have just released v1.3.4!

In this version, the focus was on fixing bugs and increasing stability, primarily based on the feedback we received from all of you. In addition, we have included important new developments which will make your everyday work easier.

Some of the more Important new features are:

- Container widget
With the help of the container widget, you can create invisible groups, with which you can easily structure the position of your widgets. It is not necessary to use the panel widget with alpha background color for this purpose.

- Copy and paste function in the hierarchy pane
In the Hierarchy menu, a context menu has been included in the list of widgets, in which you can find the copy, paste and paste as a child functions.

- Management of multiple resolutions of the examples in the launcher
The samples can now handle multiple resolutions. The first such example is “3D printer 2”, which is available in two resolutions. In addition, it is also possible to filter by resolution in the launcher.

You can get the new version from the usual Download page.

If you find any issue, please open a new topic here.