What I expected to find in SquareLine

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire LVGL team for SquareLine.
Although this is only the first release, there are some basic features that I expected to find, which are fundamental for a fast use of the software:

  • Object alignment and distribution buttons for multiple selections (align top, align middle, distribute vertically, etc.);
  • at the top, at the bottom;
  • Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v also for widgets and buttons, or multiply element;
  • Drag and drop elements between different pages;
  • Visual center of the current page;
  • Object movement with directional arrows

These are features found in many editors, not just graphics editors.
I hope this can be helpful feedback. :smiley:

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

So for example select 3 buttons, and flush them to the top/left/bottom/right?

It’s definitely on the roadmap! A similar planned feature is to allow using up/down arrows in number inputs (e.g. opacity).

True! Multiple item selection is not supported yet but if you copy a parent object the children will be copied too. It’s not the same thing but it’s worth mentioning :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit difficult to support but you can do it in the hierarchy panel now.

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This is an example taken from EasyEda, but they are also present in Office, Photoshop, Inkscape, and many others. From left to right by function: rotate, mirror, align, center and distribute. I’m currently going by eye, but if I wanted to do it pixel-accurate I’d have to use Inkscape or the calculator. :sweat_smile:

For the other topics as you suggested other shortcuts can be used :smiley:

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Multilanguage suport. In sqare you made string in several language version, and in code you only call one function for language change.


Thanks. E.g. The ALIGN properties should be definitely represented by icons. We will see what can we do here to make these thing as easy to use as possible. :slight_smile:

It’s on the roadmap!

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For me, object snap is more important that object alignment (although that’s nice too).
Here’s an example (video is zipped, since the forum does not support upload of .mp4 files)

ObjectSnap.zip (43.8 KB)

Beautiful snap, what software is it?
Anyway with an example like yours the alignment buttons are no longer needed, however I think they are easier to implement, and SL is not even a month old, let’s give it some time.

+1 for Cut/Copy/Paste.
Also need Undo/Redo.
Also, when dragging controls should be able to hit Escape to cancel the drag.


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We also think snap is important and it will be added in the near feature.

It’s already working with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y or these buttons

Do you mean if you hit Esc while dragging and object, its position should be set back to the original position?

Sorry, yes Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y work fine.
With ESCape, yes, if you drag an object and while the left mouse button is pressed, pressing escape should cancel the move and put the component back to its original position.



I would welcome:

  • “lock” option for project work area. image
  • hover tooltips with link to help or some documentation, so we can look what some checkbox does (for example Relative and Instant in Animation tab)
  • that if I make SLS window fullscreen, it wil start up next time this way :wink:
  • I would personally prefer to have global export folder, rather than per project. IMHO you will have one folder with your project, which you will somehow backup (G drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.), so it would be better to set it one time and forget about it, rather than save/export it and after that realize that you can not look at your project bcs you seved/export it to wrong folder.
  • I would personally prefer to have “Preferences” under Help menu or have version number of the SLS beside of the name at top of the window so you do not have to look what version you are using.
  • is there plan for version update option inside of SLS?
  • it would be good if I could use SHIFT+TAB if I want to jump to previous cell in UI. Also I would preffer, if I use TAB, to jump to cell at right rather than cell which is underneath. I think this is more common use case, which is use for example in Excell.
  • it would be good to have some minimal “workable” window size as I can resize SLS window like this:
    I know that it is extreme use case, but some limits are sometimes welcome.

Also can we somehow help with docs? I know that we can change LVGL docs via Github (change and make PR) so it would be great for everyone if the docs would have more information.

This is not “SLS” thing, but it does not make sense to create issue for it as it is just cosmetic thing.

  • I do not know if it just at my side, but I do not see SLS forum icon at my tab, so it is sometimes bit tedious to find right tab (I have a lot of tabs) with this forum. LVGL forum has visible icon so I know exactly where I should click. I tried forum page in “in-private” window and I also can not see icon there.

Thanks for awesome work and awesome tool! :heart:

Thanks @dronecz

How do you mean it?

Already on the roadmap! :slight_smile:

It’s a cheeky bug that we are still tracking…

So e.g. you’d like to set the Dropbox (or so) folder once and make SLS to export the projects and files there in a “project name” folder?

Adding the version number to title is really good idea! Add to our todo list.

It’s not planned now.

Shift+TAB is also a good idea. But where have you seen that Tab moves the focus down instead of right?

There really should be at least a minimum width to keep the menu visible.

Sounds good. We were thing to create a GitHub organization and the docs could be a good first repo.

Looking into it…

I imagine button which will disable zoom in/out for the window area. It did happen to me few times, that I was scrolling at the edge of the tabs area (for widgets or object propertie) and my view with screen changed, so I would like to prevent that.

Yes :slight_smile: Maybe you can have “global” project/export folder settings and “local” project/export folder settings, and have some switch to let user set what they want to use, but this is maybe to complicated. I would preffer “global” type of settings :slight_smile:

In animation tab, but I see now that in “object” properties it is working as I would like so this will be probably some bug :beetle: I can also see that TAB ignore list and jumping to nearest value with number, but I do not know if this by purpose or not.

sls_1_0_2_anim sls_1_0_2_event

Thanks that you listen to our feedback :slight_smile:

Is TODO list or roadmap available somewhere so we can look at it and not report things which you have already in plan? I think it could be pinned topic here in the forum so anyone can easily find it.

I asked for “text as variable” in the past for Edgelien 0.3 and I can see that it is not still in SLS, but do you plan something like that? Maybe it can be just flag for Label.

I see now, thanks. We will discuss them.

We could reproduce them and I agree that it needs to be improved. v1.0.3 will be released today or tomorrow, but it will these can fixed in v1.0.4.

It’s a good idea to show a roadmap here. There are a few things we can’t share in advance but we can show the bugs we are working on and most of the minor features.

We have a larger plan for it: a complete variable handling and binding module. But it will take some time to implement.

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Yes, I agree that a public roadmap would be nice. I know it is early on for SLS and things take time to implement. I’m sure the community here would help prioritize new features if needed.

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I just realized that we are missing container widget in SLS. Will you add it in some of the next releases or it will not be included in SLS at all?


You can use “Panel” for this purpose. Or do you mean a simple transparent container?

Thanks, panel widget will do it. I figure out workflow how to use it :slight_smile: .