How Do I fix This?

Anyone know How I can Fix this issue with loading my project? It was 100% fine last time I was working with it and saved it (the 18th). I tried loading Examples and they load just fine. It previews just fine in the thumbnail. I tried updating SLS. Any help would be appreciated as I’ve Got way WAY to much work into this. Random Crashing had been a serious problem.


  • SquareLine Studio version:
    Both 1.3.3 and 1.3.4
  • Operating system:
  • Log
    PlayerLOg.txt (1.6 MB)

As on screen names you use spaces = nonsense in prog languages. Nobody helps wihout project files. Or use backup from 17th

I apologize, I do understand that most program languages don’t accept spaces. Since the SLS allowed the spaces and saved the project while displaying NO errors I must have assumed it was ok and was amended with a custom regex or "isspace. Simple mistake that I’m fairly confident hadn’t contributed to this error since the project was opened numerous timers over numerous sessions with these very Page ID’s. But maybe it did. What is it about the coding community that makes people so arrogant and pompous. Is it Dunning Kruger perhaps. Because people do excel at other things and understanding code is result of crystalized intellect not Liquid. A simple statement like can you please include the files… so we can evaluate the situation. I did include the log I so apologize. As Far as backups I tried to load one with the same result but I’m not certain I exulted it properly. I assume you just unzip and replace the SPJ. If there’s a more detailed instruction for running back ups plz let me know. Remember Its Folks like me are the ones who pay for a com license. Community forms are where people are supposed to feel comfortable requesting help and gaining a better understanding. being less knowledgeable doesn’t necessarily indicate a person as being less intelligent. Code is crystalized intelligence not liquid. but then again I was 50/50 on if I would get help.

Screen does not render in version 1.2.2 - Bugs - Forum - SquareLine Studio and many other here… To fix try you can remove step by step changes you do last ok open day.

From the log file you attached it seems there are object reference issues and errors, that is, the micropython server cannot create the screen objects that should appear in front of the checkerboard patterns. The exact cause is unknown from this log, maybe the output of your SquareLine Studio’s internal console contains some more info, if you share it with us.
You can restore the project to an autosave phase by simply extracting the .spj file from the zip file in ‘autosave’ folder and overwriting the original, as you already tried. It’s a good idea to backup the original and maybe check the difference to a previous working version in a text-editor or diff-tool.