HowTo add a not-listed board and setup of LVGL

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Using SSL and LVGL on a LilyGo T4 1.3 Display

I’d be pleased about any advice how to set up this board in LVGL.

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Tried using board properties W-ROVER kit, but display is only blinking

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  • Operating system:

WIN 64

  • Target hardware:

Lilygo T4 V1.3 2,4" with IL9341 320*240 4-wire SPI

As far as we know LilyGo products are fairly well supported by Arduino IDE board-system. (And less so, at least not officially, in ESP-IDF.)
So you can try to build within Arduino-IDE, probably the ‘Arduino with TFT_eSPI’ board-template in SquareLine will work for you as long as you set the board in Arduino-IDE correctly.
But if you get it all working and want to create a custom board-file that fits your board better, you can follow the instructions here: Open Board Platform (OBP) | SquareLine Studio
( Another reference to your manufacturer LilyGo can be found here: Easy getting started tutorial with Micropython and ESP32 (T-Display S3)? )

Maybe a look at these highly related topics too gets you even closer to create/use LilyGo board-tremplate: