Howto add board esp32-8048s070 for ESP-IDF (Espressif)

What do you want to achieve?

I want to create UI in SquareLine Studio for esp32-8048s070 and export project for ESP-IDF (Espressif)

What have you tried so far?

I tried to select other board, but it doesn’t worked after flashing, in log was something like “wrong board, check hardware”


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.3
  • Operating system: Windows 7x64
  • **Target hardware: 7" board esp32-8048s070:
    • ESP32-S3 * 7-inch 800x480 TFT display - EK9716 (Parallel RGB-565 interface)
    • 7-inch 800x480 TFT display - EK9716 (Parallel RGB-565 interface)
    • Capacitive touch panel - GT911 (i2C - 0x5D or 0x14)
      more here

You can create your custom ESP-IDF board template based on an existing one or exported code, and editing ‘sdkconfig’ in it, or set it with ‘ menuconfig’ according to your memory/device requirements. It might need some trials with different settings until it works. Especially if the display-diver is not supported by default in ESP-IDF and you need to integrate a driver into the source.
A similar topic including our tutorial on creating custom board templates: How do I create a project for a custom STM32 board?
And a successful custom ESP32 board template as a possible example (albeit with different display/etc) for you:
Sunton ESP32 5.0" RGB display board

Thank you.
Based on the “Sunton ESP32 5.0 RGB display board” I made for the “esp32-8048s070”. But now there is another problem: when I added the board, it didn’t work the first time. Now I have the final version, but if I replace the files in the Square line program, the program ignores the changes and uses the ones I added the first time. I tried to erase the folder “esp32-8048s070”, but the board still remains in the program.
How do I remove a board from Square line in order to add it again but already fixed version?

here is an esp-idf sample project supporting this board: